An Update or Something, I Guess … Iono …

I’ve been slacking recently. Well, not in my everyday life. My everyday life has been getting the vast majority of my attention, which is why I’ve not been updating Air Conditioning as often as I’d like to. I keep saying I’m gonna pull a Sam Cooke, but I’ve yet to do so. I am so ashamed. So, I’m gonna fill you in on a few things.

First, I’m heavy into editing my screenplays. Yes, yes, the ones I’d been working on all last year — with the exception of Monkey Business, which, quite honestly, was just that. The first drafts of these scripts are done and they have gone out to trusty readers in hopes that any flaws will be detected, any plot holes will be filled, anything that threatens the overall magnificence of my storytelling will be eliminated. And while these scripts will eventually make their way to my erstwhile manager, DT, I’m also planning on shopping them around myself and entering them in a couple of contests. Scriptapalooza, here we comes!

Second, NaNoWriMo. Yes, I know I talked plenty of shit. No, I did not finish the novel. I am a failure; I am ashamed. But that doesn’t mean I’ve given up. No, no, no. This is just the beginning, kimosabe. NaNoWriMo gave me a great foundation to begin with and I’m feeling uber-confident about the direction this project is headed in. To sum it up, your boy is serious about writing this novel. I’d given myself a deadline, but then I concluded that these things take time. Cannot be rushed. So I’ma chill and just work at whatever pace is necessary in order to produce the best possible work. If I hammer out a draft in a month’s time, splendid! But if not, and that’s the realistic way of looking at it, then that’s okay. Again, I’m in no rush. I’m finding that novel writing is very much like screenwriting. It’s a journey, albeit a very different one. For now, I want to take my time on this journey.

Third, I’m going to blog a lot more about the events I go to, the movies I see, the music I hear, the people I meet. This is my promise to you. That way, when you see photos like the one at right of Mary P, myself, and Bobbito Garcia, you’re aren’t like, WTF bro! Where did you go? I wanna know! By the way, that photo was taken at the Friends We Love fund raiser held on Friday, January 31st. Lots of fun, I got drunk.

Fourth … well, I can’t think of a fourth right now. So I’m going to bed. Lemon out!

One response to “An Update or Something, I Guess … Iono …

  1. Novel writing is all about letting the story guide you. For most, setting deadlines is hard, so you have the right idea.

    Great blog, and great post…


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