Monthly Archives: March 2009

8-Bit Hip-Hop

The folks over at Shot Then recently posted a medley of hip-hop songs recreated using the music and sound effects from some of our favorite 8-bit Nintendo games. The medley was produced by someone named Jesse Tugboat, whose MySpace is allegedly not too hard to find.

Curiously, Shot Then decided not to provide a download link for the medley. Never you worry, dear readers, I will provide such a link. Find it and the tracklisting after the jump.

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ScriptGirl Report 3-20-09

So ScriptGirl took a week off and then I took a week off (sorry!) so now we’re back on track with the video reports. Not much excitement in the world of script sales this week, just a couple of adaptations and rehashes. We do, however, learn a bit more about SG‘s past and her inital entry into “this biz of show.”

My, this video is deliciously random. And, treat of treats, we finally get a glimpse at SG‘s legs and discover why we’ve never seen them before. Discover the truth after the jump.

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So, I attempted to do something different, and it didn’t quite work out. This is why you’ve not seen a new post in quite some time. Oh well. Life happens.

Worry not, however, my good friends, constant readers, and stalkers! I am still writing, and I will be back to spruce up Air Conditioning in due time. Meanwhile, come follow me on Teh Twitter.