Late July Kidrobot Releases

July 23rd Releases

Fortune Dunny & Luck Dunny 8-Inch

MR. Shane Jessup’s Dunny from Series 4 blew up to 8-inches, bringing twice the prosperity and happiness in two fortuitous styles! Fortune, in glorious gold, and Luck, in lustrous black, come with a red envelope and gold coin necklace, ensuring the tides of fate sway in your favor. Retailing for $75.00 each, good Fortune and Luck arrive on July 23.

Signings: Give, share, prosper with MR. Shane Jessup at SDCC in Booth # 4529 on Thursday, July 23th at 11am. There will be a limited number of Fortune and Luck Dunnys available for signing.

Artist: MR. Shane Jessup is an artist/designer working and living in Brooklyn, NY and is the man responsible for Kidrobot’s best-selling “Things That Hurt” zipper pull series. MR. Shane Jessup’s work has been featured in publications such as Juxtapoz and Time Out New York. His work has been displayed in galleries such as 111 Minna (San Francisco), Merry Karnowsky Gallery (Los Angeles), and White Walls (SF).

Production Run: 1000 of the Fortune Edition; 200 of the SDCC Exclusive Luck Edition

Size: 8-inches

Colorways: Fortune Edition – Gold; Luck Edition – Black

Accessories: Each figure includes a red envelope and gold coin necklace.

Insert: Each figure includes an insert about MR. Shane Jessup.

Availability: The Fortune Edition will be available at Kidrobot stores,, and select retailers. The Luck Edition is an SDCC Exclusive, available only at Booth #4529.

Official Release Date: July 23, 2009

Price: $75

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July 24th Releases

Holy Roller FatCap 6-Inch

Deph’s FatCap wears a gas mask to protect his lungs and conceal his skull face while he destroys walls with his crate of spray paint and extension roller. Available in two colorways, green and the SDCC exclusive purple, this limited edition FatCap stands 6-inches tall, rattles when you shake him just like the real thing, and features Deph’s tag on the back. Retails for $75.00 each and includes a Deph poster.

Signings: Shake things up with Deph at SDCC! He’ll be in Booth # 4529 on Friday, July 24th at 11am with a limited number of Holy Roller FatCaps available for signing.

Artist: Deph is a LA-based graffiti artist, illustrator and painter. He has created artwork for toys, cars, movies, video games, skateboards, print ads, and more. His work has been displayed in many galleries across the US. When he is not painting, he concentrates on his clothing company To Die For.

Production Run: 1200 of the green colorway; 200 of the SDCC Exclusive purple.

Size: 6-inches

Colorways: Green and SDCC Exclusive Purple

Accessories: Paint roller, removable gas mask, and crate of paint cans.

Insert: Each box contains a poster designed by the artist.

Availability: The green edition is available at Kidrobot stores,, and select retailers. The purple edition is an SDCC Exclusive, available only at Booth #4529.

Official Release Date: July 24, 2009

Price: $75

July 25th Release

Wood Labbit 5-Inch

Amanda Visell takes the iconic Labbit into wild territory with this SDCC Exclusive! This 5-inch woodland creature, the first Labbit designed by an artist other than creator Frank Kozik, roams the forest with an axe in place of his missing ear. After losing his ear to Kozeek, a deranged lumberjack, the Wood Labbit devises a quite appetizing plan for revenge. At only 300 made, the Wood Labbit is super rare and retails for $50.

Signings: Amanda Visell and Frank Kozik will be chopping it up at SDCC in Booth # 4529 on Saturday, July 25th at 1pm. There will be a limited number of Wood Labbits available for signing.

Artists: Amanda Visell lives in the Los Angeles area by choice. Her artwork has been seen in galleries and museums nationwide including an exhibition and exclusive merchandise line at Disneyland USA. Her portfolio includes original artwork along with toys, books, apparel, limited edition prints and sculptures. She is also working on perfecting her design for the ultimate home robot.

Pop art king Frank Kozik has designed concert posters and album covers for musicians including The Sex Pistols and Nirvana and has showcased his work internationally. Since 2000, his main artistic focus has been in the design and production of vinyl art toys like his iconic Labbit and other things that smork.

Production Run: Only 300 made!

Size: 5-inches

Accessories: Removable axe

Availability: SDCC Only Exclusive Release in Booth #4529

Official Release Date: July 25, 2009

Price: $50

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