Film: 80s Soap Opera Dynasty To Get Big Screen Treatment

As a kid, I watched all the 80s prime time soaps: Dallas, Falcon Crest, Knots Landing, The Colbys, and of course, Dynasty, about an obscenely wealthy Colorado oil family.

Well, while Dallas is getting a reboot on TNT, Dynasty is headed for the big screen. Richard Shapiro, the show’s creator, told E! that a feature film version of Dynasty is happening; however, it will be a prequel set in the 1960s.

It was my daughter Florie’s notion to do a prequel, and that sounded very very good to us […] It’s how young Blake doesn’t realize he’s the son of Tom Carrington, but then he finds himself at the head of this company and surrounded by assassins and people who want to do him in.

The original series, which starred John Forsythe, Linda Evans, and Joan Collins, ran from 1981-1989. The cast reunited for a 1991 miniseries that thankfully tied up story lines left unresolved at the end of the show’s final season.

Thanks to the lovely Trenise for the heads up!


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