New Music: Brian Grosz – Lady On The Low (Remix)/Once In A Lifetime/Seraphim

New Music: Brian Grosz - "Lady On The Low (Remix)"/"Once In A Lifetime"/"Seraphim"

I’m an horrible friend. Horrible. How do I know this? Because my buddy Brian Grosz dropped three dope singles last week and I neglected to let y’all know about it. With this post, I’m attempting to atone for my sins.

First up, is the remix to “Lady On The Low.” Originally found on Grosz’s 2007 album Bedlam Nights, the track has been outfitted with heavy 808 drums, rumbling sub-bass synths, and blaring sirens courtesy of producer/multi-instrumentalist Touch.

There’s also Grosz’ trippy reimagining of the Talking Heads classic “Once In A Lifetime,” which was also part of Coverville’s tribute compilation to the seminal New Wave band. The track is a nightmarish fever dream somehow augmented with slide bass and powerful percussive punches, and captured on tape.

Finally, there the one-two punch of “Seraphim,” a xxx of spiritual sacrilege comprised of a pair of American standard spirituals, “Ain’t it a Shame” and “Jesus on the Mainline.” The former is like a fast-paced, almost out-of-control barroom jam while the latter features rather ominous backing from artists such as Earl Greyhound‘s Matt Whyte, Emily Zuzik, Sean Toussaint, Michael Fortner, Suzanne Cerreta, Marisa Kakoulas, Dave Valle, Alex Walker and Tommy Mokas.

All three songs are available for FREE download as high-quality mp3s at

Or, you can download the tracks individually at their respective links are:

Grosz is currently working on another full-length LP to be released later in the year via his Lapdance Academy label.

[Lapdance Academy]

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