Art: The Page Turners at FiveMyles Art Exhibition Space

Art: The Page Turners at FiveMyles Art Exhibition Space

On Saturday, February 5, head down to Brooklyn art space FiveMyles for the opening reception of The Page Turners, an an art show that presents the work of several emerging artists all concerned with narrative and storytelling.

The Page Turners collective believe that being able to convey a story visually is one of the fundamental tasks to which the artistic imagination lends itself.  Whether vulnerable, diaristic tales or social commentaries on our current cultural state of being, their art examines the world through pictorial storytelling. Through the compression of time, and the use of symbolic elements, within the display of a single moment, the work inherently gains a theatricality and engages the viewer, inviting them to enter into the picture and go on a visual journey.

Curated by Kwame Jaco, The Page Turners features work by artists such as Rakeem Taylor, Celeste Dupuy-Spencer, Jamal Ince, David Shrobe, Jason Mager, Dominica Paige, Musa Hixon, Ricardo Gonzalez, Mohamad Sardar, Noel Ripoll, Joshua Humphries, and Rico Anderson.

The opening reception takes place from 4:30-7pm on February 5, 2011. The show runs until March 6. Normal gallery hours are 1-6pm.

558 St. Johns Place
Brooklyn, NY 11238

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