Update: What’s Happening With Me Because #YouCare

Jay Fingers

Hello, Dear Readers, thanks for stopping by. I know that many some a few one or two of you are really wondering what the hell is going on with good ol’ Jay Fingers. (That’s me.) I’ve been posting much less than usual—and my posting regularity was already pretty scarce—and I haven’t been on Teh Social Networks as much. (Don’t be fooled by all those Teh Tumblr posts. I’m a big fan of the site’s “queue” function.)

So what has been going on with me, you ask? Oh. Well, I shall tell you.

After a rather tumultuous yet ultimately hopeful holiday season spent with family, I returned to New York City with a new found sense of purpose. Upon returning, I learned that I’d been hired to work a 9-to-5 (or a midnight-to-8, as it were), which meant unlimited riches were to line mine own coffers. I began making grandiose plans for the resurrection of Be Cool, plans that include the publication of my long-promised novel. I started spending money I had as well as money I didn’t have. I was ballin’ outta control, yo.

Then, just two short weeks into my tenure, office politics and other assorted flavors of bullshit conspired against me and I was let go. Not fired, mind you; being fired would imply that I was perhaps incompetent or lazy or insubordinate. Nope, nope, not at all. After dealing with several annoying minibosses, I finally made it to the last level and the final boss and asked, “What the hell?” To which he reposnded, “It wasn’t that you did a bad job, you just don’t have the experience we’re looking for.” He proceeded to explain how they contrived a reason to let me go simply because, after hiring me, they wanted to go with someone else. Again, this is all fine, but if I wasn’t the ideal candidate, I should not have been brought on board in the first fucking place.

Spilled milk. Water under the bridge. And whatever other idiomatic expressions you can think of to talk about bullshit that’s happened in the past. I will say this, however, the experience has certainly left a bad taste in my mouth regarding working for someone else. Those days are over. I’m sick and tired of ‘em. That’s why I’ve fully committed to striking out on my own.

Yeah, yeah, I sorta kinda freelanced last year, and it was sorta kinda cool. Until I didn’t have anymore paying clients. And even then I remained lackadaisical, thinking that something would just come along. After all, it always had before. Well, no more sitting on my ass waiting for a change to come like Sam Cooke. It’s time to make shit happen.

So, first and foremost, thanks to a former supervisor, I was able to snag a sweet freelance copywriting gig for a major cosmetics firm. Hey, it’s helping to pay the bills and I’m learning much more about the world of beauty than I knew before. (Though I’m not sure I should be screaming that from the mountaintop.) Second, I’ve been tapped to write a profile piece on an artist in a magazine with worldwide distribution. It’s a project I’m super excited about and I can’t wait for y’all to check it out.

I also did a bit of spring-cleaning—shout out to Punxsutawney Phil’s meteorological clairvoyance for the motivation—and found hella notes for screenplays, stories, and characters I want to explore. Some of these notes are damn near ten years old. I think it’s high time I gave these ideas another look-see.

And as for my novel? Yeah, it’s still coming. If things go as planned, which they rarely do, we’re looking at a September release date. That would coincide with my birthday, so I’m actually not mad about that. (Hint: the best birthday gift ever would be to purchase a copy of the novel, provided that it’s available for purchase.)

And once again, I swear to blog more. This is supposed to be a window into my life, the life of a struggling writer trying to do his thing, get noticed, get out there. So while I’ll certainly post about writing and books and all that jazz, I’ll also post up random photos, rants, videos, and the like. Oh, and quotes! You people love quotes!

Okay, that’s pretty much it. Oh yeah, if you’re on Teh Social Networks, feel free to follow/like/recommend/fan/whatever me. And spread the word. It’s very much appreciated. Thanks!


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