Writing: Kit to Thwart Writer’s Block by Elizabeth Dilk

Writing: Kit to Thwart Writer's Block by Elizabeth Dilk

One thing that I hate about Teh Tumblr is that you’ll see the same images reblogged over and over and over and over and over again … and again and again. One of the constantly reblogged images, however, is that of a “writing kit,” which includes writing pads, “pre-chewed” pencils, and even a multi-sided die. It all looks very cool and, being a writer, I’ve wondered where to procure this veritable picnic basket of inspirational tools.

Unfortunately, should you attempt a Google search, the most frequent result is some fuckhead suggesting you buy a computer.

Shut Up, Fuckhead, We're Not Looking For a Computer!

Clearly, a specific item is being sought here. But after a few more minutes of poking around, I finally found what I was looking for.

The Kit to Thwart Writer’s Block was created by NYC-based designer Elizabeth Dilk (whose BFA from Pratt wins her extra brownie points with me). “When asked to find something I hate, then change it to make it better, I decided to take a stab at thwarting writers block,” Elizabeth explains on her site. And the writing kit, which has been so lovingly reblogged umpteen times on Teh Tumblr, was born.

The kit attempts to tackle writer’s block from various angles. As mentioned before, there are writing pads—two, in fact, a “mind-writing” pad and the 365-day writing pads—a 12 sided die with helpful instructions, encouraging erasers, caffeinated tea and “pre-chewed” pencils. I must admit, the “pre-chewed” concept is cool as hell.

Elizabeth marketed the kit by distributing silk screened napkins with “writer’s block” doodles at coffee shops and other typical writer habitats. I’m sayin’, though, Elizabeth. I never saw these napkins at Outpost Lounge or Tillie’s! Ha! Just kidding.

The Kit to Thwart Writer’s Block is amazing, and I’d love to get my hands on one, even though I’m not even sure it’s still available. If you’re interested in getting one as well, hit Elizabeth up at her website or her Twitter and she may be able to do something for you.

[Elizabeth Dilk]

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