Random Cool: My Foursquare Infographic

Random Cool: My Foursquare Infographic

So location-based social networking site Foursquare recently had a “Hacker Day” in which developers and, um, I guess, hackers played around with the Foursquare API and came up with some randomly cool things.

One of the cooler results came from Stormpixel Studios, whose Infographr app shows you your Foursquare history in infographic form. You can see mine above. Look at all those check-ins, son! I’m surprised to see Travel as the biggest category, but everything else is on point. And take note of that Early Adopter status—I was on that cool Foursquare shit while y’all were still transitioning from MySpace to Facebook. Ha!

This shit is awesome, son. But remember, no matter how much you cry or beg, if I don’t know you like that, I’m not adding you as a friend on Foursquare. Gone ‘head with that, yo.

Create your own infographic at http://www.stormpixel.com/infographr.


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