Music: The Odd Future Wolf Gang Bible

Music: The Odd Future Wolf Gang Bible

Mayhaps you’ve heard of this tiny hip-hop collective called Odd Future. Also known as OFWGKTA, this Los Angeles-based rap crew—which includes Tyler the Creator, Earl Sweatshirt, Hodgy Beats, Domo Genesis, Mike G, Frank Ocean, Left Brain, Syd tha Kyd, Jasper Dolphin, Matt Martian and Taco Bennett—has amassed a rather considerable following thanks to a prolific run of humorously grotesque albums and mixtapes, high energy live performances, and some rather savvy marketing.

I’ve certainly become a fan recently, thanks mostly because of Earl Sweatshirt’s Earl and Domo Genesis’ Rolling Papers. Yet I understand that the entire Odd Future movement may be a bit much for some to digest all at once. (I still remember people damn near having mental breakdowns trying to wrap their minds around what Wu-Tang was all about back in the early- to mid-nineties.) Fear not, Good Readers, for the kind folks over at Sibat Media have compiled a sort of “bible” to guide you through the world of Odd Future. As stated on their blog:

Every cult needs a handbook, and the Odd Future Wolf Gang are no different. But don’t get it confused: this is not a critique, nor a review, nor an analysis of the group. This is simply a bible for all you Wolves, who understand that it’s Golf Wang or Do Well In School.

The Odd Future Wolf Gang Bible breaks everything down—the members, sub-groups, discographies, videographies, and performances—all accompanied by artwork by Matt Martian.

Music: The Odd Future Wolf Gang Bible

If you’re interested in what Odd Future has to offer, or you want to pretend as though you were hip to these kids before their star-making appearance on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, head on over to Sibat and check this out.

[Odd Future Wolf Gang Bible]

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  1. Thanks for spreading the word!

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