Film: Liz Sanchez’s Short Film Boxes Seeks Funding

Help build Boxes.

Boxes is an experimental film project spearheaded by renaissance woman and artist Liz Sanchez. Although the project is under way, they are still raising money to help fund the film to its the ultimate goal of getting theatrical distribution.

Here’s what the project is all about:

Boxes is an avant-garde live show that lifts the lid off society’s stereotypes. Far from a traditional play or musical, this project showcases [Liz’s] original music as a vocalist/singer-songwriter, along with dance and bold visuals. It’s an abstract show about E (played by [Liz]), her struggle to escape the boxes, and her need to master them. Through E’s four alter egos, Song, Mute, Riddle, and Word, [the film will] explore the ways we deal with different boxes and the consequences.

Film: Liz Sanchez's Short Film Boxes Seeks Funding

You can follow the project as it takes shape, and even help bring Liz’s vision to fruition by making a donation, at the official Boxes website.


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