Fashion: What’s Next for Carine Roitfeld? Barneys New York, That’s What

Carine Roitfeld is Throwin' Up the Deuces

Remember back in December when I told you that Carine Roitfeld was stepping down as EIC of Vogue Paris? Well, we now know what she plans on doing next. It’s been reported that Barneys New York has asked Roitfeld to act as a guest editor, muse, and stylist for what they’re calling a “multifaceted Fall 2011 initiative.”

Fashionologie says Roitfeld will style and edit Barneys’ Fall 2011 catalog and campaign (to be photographed by Mario Sorrenti) as well as put her touch on the luxury department store’s Madison Avenue windows, which will be unveiled to the public in September.

“It’s good to have a new life, because now I can do projects that I never dreamed of before,” Roitfeld told Fashionologie. “[To] be able to participate in this project with [Barneys], and be visible during the next fashion week in New York, is my dream come true. To a French girl, it’s a big, big dream.”

This is the first publicly-announced gig for Roitfeld since leaving Vogue Paris, but does this mean she’s done with magazines and fashion journalism forever?

“I am sure that one day I will, even if it’s not my own magazine, do special stories for magazines and maybe something on the Internet,” she says. “The only sure thing I know is that I will keep my freedom. I can be a muse for a designer, I can do work for some magazines, and do advertising, and maybe something like Barneys, but still keep my freedom.”

[Carine Roitfeld Announces Her First Post-Vogue Paris Gig]

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