Film: Short Film New York City Brothers Seeks Funding

Film: Short Film New York City Brothers Seeks Funding

I’m a proponent of the DIY movement, so I will always champion artists that are looking to create and share their art with the world. Having said that, allow me to big up brothers Jeremy and Mathew Spencer, who are hoping to raise enough funds to film New York City Brothers, a proposed short film about two brothers’ simultaneous journey into manhood by dealing with their estranged father.

The plot is as follows:

It is the summer of 2010, New York City. Luke is balancing a life of making himself a name in advertising, a newly committed relationship with Vanessa, and looking out for his younger brother Jake. Life is as ideal as could be expected until Jake uncovers the shocking truth about their father, a secret Luke has kept from Jake for 16 years. The brothers collide and are put at odds not only with each other but themselves. All the while there is Vanessa, a successful strong woman who loves Luke but is ready to walk out the door unless Luke opens to true intimacy. Luke’s inner and outer worlds begin to crumble when all his secrets come out with nothing left to hide behind, while Jake is left lost, alone and confused having been betrayed by the only person he trusts. Will Luke and Jake self destruct? Or will truth, at last, set them free?

Not only did the Spencer brothers write the film, but they will also star alongside Osa Wallander and Pat Asanti. New York City Brothers will be directed by Kyle Smith.

The Cast & Director of New York City Brothers

Mathew Spencer, Jeremy Spencer, Osa Wallander, Pat Asanti, director Kyle Smith

Donations for the film may be made through a charity called Fractured Atlas, and all donations are tax-deductible. Feel free to make your donation at

You may also visit New York City Brothers on Facebook, Twitter, and their official blog. Links are below.

[New York City Brothers Official Website]

[New York City Brothers Official Blog]

[New York City Brothers Facebook Fan Page]

[New York City Brothers @ Twitter]

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