Quote: Wanna Thank My Parents for Raising Me to Have Confidence

Tina Fey

“Wanna thank my parents for raising me to have confidence that is disproportioned with my looks and abilities.”
—Tina Fey

I remember once being told that someone had been talking about me behind my back. “Jay thinks he’s all that,” I was told the person said. “But he’s not, so why would he even think that?”

I have no idea if this person really said these things, but it’s something that always stuck with me because, well, yeah, I do think I’m “all that.” I know I’m not the most beautiful person on earth (though I am damn handsome) and I’m not the best writer to ever live … but shit, I think I’m pretty fucking boss.

Plus, it’s always been my observation that folks who have something to say, like the person who talked shit about me that day, are so insecure about their own abilities, looks, and overall station in life they look at someone like me—someone they believe is (or should be) lower on the totem than they are—and can’t fathom how or why we carry ourselves as winners.

That’s life, son. If you want to be any kind of success, you’ve got to be confident. I mean, shit, man, if you don’t believe in yourself, if you don’t have confidence in your talents, how the hell can anyone else be expected to?

Tks Q4W for the quote.


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