Film: Que Films’ The Bluest Note Seeks Funding

Que Films presents The Bluest Note, a short film directed by Marques Green from a screenplay by Oliver Webb, Jr. The film’s story focuses on Tony Mann (played by my homeboy, actor/singer/musician Len Xiang), a famous singer in the twilight of his career who’s met by a Siren and faced with a fateful decision: his art or his life.

Inspired by the lives and careers of legendary artists like Donny Hathaway, Otis Redding, and Marvin Gaye, The Bluest Note seeks to present a contemporary spin on the common yet often untold tale of tortured musical geniuses forced to deal with the harsh realities of success.

The filmmakers have taken to Kickstarter in order to secure the resources and talent to complete the project. Half of the film has already been shot, and several more shoot dates are needed in order to finish principle photography. After completion, the film will be submitted to festivals around the world and the filmmakers have plans to develop a feature length film based on the short as well.

Len Xiang as Tony Mann in The Bluest Note

Those who make pledges toward The Bluest Note can receive prizes ranging from acknowledgment in the credits and a signed CD from Len Xiang to tickets to the film’s premiere and a chance to visit the set.

For more info please visit To contribute, visit The Bluest Note‘s Kickstarter page.

Photo courtesy of the film’s cinematographer, Giacomo Belletti.

[The Bluest Note @ Kickstarter]

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