Books: Jay Fielden Bows Out With Grace (Coddington, That Is)

Books: Jay Fielden Bows Out With Grace (Coddington, That Is)

Welp, it looks like new Town & Country EIC Jay Fielden is no longer involved with Grace Coddington‘s autobiography.

“We both recently began to realize that having a job like Jay’s wasn’t going to allow us the time it takes to write a story as detailed as mine,” Coddington said to Women’s Wear Daily.

The Vogue creative director continued, saying, “We shed a few tears and agreed to reconvene for volume two.”

I actually first became aware of Coddington in the fashion magazine documentary The September Issue; she was the only person aside from Andre Leon Talley to be able to stand their ground against Anna Wintour without quaking in abject fear. Needless to say, she made for an intriguing character, and so I’d definitely be interested in reading her memoir to see how she became the person she is today.

Coddington told WWD that it’s too early to determine who will be taking Fielden’s place.

[Women’s Wear Daily]

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