Ratchet: Rebecca Black’s “Friday” Reimagined As “Gang Fight!”

Rebecca Black has yet to cease being a source of amusement and comedy for a ton of people, myself included. Now, I actually enjoy her song “Friday,” though many have decried it as the worst song in music history. As such, “Friday” has been the subject of a near endless stream of covers and parodies, some hilariously inventive (such as the Bob Dylan “cover”), others just kinda blah.

Well, we’ve got a winner with this one: BLR‘s cover of “Friday” reimagines Ark Music Factory‘s assembly line pop ditty as a song called “Gang Fight!” What makes this so funny, you ask? BLR stands for Bad Lip Reading, and that’s exactly what this musical comedy collective’s schtick is. They replace the original lyrics with nonsensical ones that perfectly sync up with the artist’s performance.

Thawed chicken? Barney? Pleasant Nazis? They’re all in Rebecca Black’s “Gang Fight!”

Ratchet: Rebecca Black's "Friday" Reimagined As "Gang Fight!"

As should be expected, BLR is selling the single on iTunes. Plunk down 99¢ and get your download on.

Shout out to Ruby A aka The Write-Runner for the heads up. She knows how much I love “Friday.”

[Rebecca Black – “Gang Fight”]

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