Books: New Dr. Seuss Story Compilation Coming Soon

Dr. Seuss!

GalleyCat reports that seven Dr. Seuss stories will be published by Random House Children’s Books as a hardcover compilation. Each of the stories had been previously published in magazines during the early ’50s, but this will mark the first time the stories find themselves published in book form.

The collection will contain these seven stories: “The Bear, the Rabbit, and the Zinniga-Zanniga,” “Gustav the Goldfish,” “Tadd and Todd,” “Steak for Supper,” “The Bippolo Seed,” “The Strange Shirt Spot,” and “The Great Henry McBride.”

“Random enhanced the color palette of each story,” says Publisher’s Weekly, “and an introduction by Seuss scholar and collector Charles D. Cohen explains the significance of these seven stories, not only as lost treasures, but as transitional stories in Dr. Seuss’s career that marked the beginnings of his new philosophy about writing for children.”

The child in me is giddy over this news. Can’t wait.


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