#FingersFollows: Today’s Recommendation – @AbigailWrites – #FF

#FingersFollows: Today’s Recommendation – @AbigailWrites – #FF

Writer. Photographer. Artist. Provocateur.

I’m try’na do better with my #FingersFollows. Ha!

I met Abigail Ekue at an erotic reading event and it’s been love ever since. As her Twitter bio (posted above) states, this talented woman does it all.

Abigail’s a quite talented writer; in addition to her freelance pieces, essays, and social criticisms, she has penned a volume of African-American erotica entitled The Darker Side of Lust. Abigail has been featured at UrbanErotika as performer, producer and curator as well as a featured performer at ArtErotica, Freak Nasty, Abiola’s Kiss and Tell, and the In The Flesh Erotic Reading Series, just to name a few.

Abigail’s also picked up the camera, and let me tell you, she’s proving to be a very dope photographer. Perhaps once I get my physique right, I’ll get her to shoot a few flick of me. Ha!

Abigail has a few exciting projects in the pipeline, including her Emotional Black Male portrait series, which should be ready for exhibition later this year. For more info on this and everything else she’s working on, be sure to check out her website, Abigail Ekue – The Native Creative.


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