Random Cool: Jay-Z Launches Lifestyle Site Called Life + Times

Jay-Z Life + Times

It’s been a very Jay-Z week for me. I’ve recently begun reading his memoir Decoded (which is pretty damn amazing so far) and now I’ve just learned that the rapper/businessman/business, maaan has launched a new lifestyle web portal called Life + Times. Ahhhh, I see what you did there, Shawn.

Life + Times’s content will be based on Jay-Z’s interests, and the mogul will serve as editorial director. This should be pretty interesting as the Brooklyn MC has always been an influential tastemaker. After all, he was wearing platinum when everyone thought it was silver and shit, and popping Cristal when everyone thought it was beer and shit.

Not only does the visually stunning Life + Times give Jay-Z the opportunity to develop a coterie beyond those who listen to his mp3s, it allows him to explore interests—including music, fashion, technology and sports—that may not lend themselves to his usual range of topics.

Shout out to the team at Mashable for the info. You can check out Jay’s new lifestyle site at the link below.

[Life + Times]

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