Food: Pop Burger to Open Pop Pub Near NYU

Pop Burger

As many of you well know, I like burgers, and I have a fondness for those little squares of meaty delight known as sliders. YUM.

At times I’ll slum it up and go for White Castle; other times, when I’m feeling good about myself (and my bank account), I’ll hit up the 40/40 Club. But when it comes to noshing on some truly delicious sliders, I don’t know of any place better than Pop Burger.

Well, the upscale slider chain is opening a new outpost near NYU. According to Grub Street, Pop Pub will open its University Place doors at the end of April, and if you need a job, they are hiring.

With its wooden benches and tables, emphasis on beer and wine as opposed to cocktails, and an expanded menu, Pop Pub is looking like it’ll be more barcentric than upscale lounge. And that’s cool, especially if they’re looking to pull in the college crowd. I, for one, cannot wait to check this joint out.

That is, once I’m feeling good about my bank account again.

Pop Pub will be housed at 83 University Place, near E. 11th St.

[Grub Street New York]

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