Fashion: Freshly Picked Apparel

Freshly Picked ApparelMy brother, filmmaker and occasional partner-in-crime Blinki Bathgate, has unveiled the first pieces from his new fashion line, Freshly Picked Apparel. The limited edition streetwear brand has a unique aesthetic, one that plays with the notion of fresh, as in “something newly made,” and fresh, as in “shit that’s fly, dope, and cool.”

Freshly Picked Cotton Head

As stated on their Facebook page:

Freshly Picked Apparel is a new line [of] high quality, all natural, organic cotton t-shirts that are comfortable and long lasting with colors and designs for a fresh attitude […] Our t-shirts come in natural colors of fruit and vegetables as in cotton white, pea green, pineapple yellow, etc. Our tees come in recycled plastic salad containers and some come in ziplock bags. [R]emember, if it ain’t Fresh, it ain’t no damn good!

Freshly Picked Apparel Varsity Jacket

Freshly Picked Apparel Varsity Jacket

Freshly Picked Smiley Grapevine Womens Tee

The line plans to expand into women’s wear as well as denim, hoodies, jackets, hats and more in the near future. The Freshly Picked Apparel website is still under construction, but you can become a fan on Facebook and get previews of upcoming releases and more.

[Freshly Picked Apparel on Facebook]

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