Video: Moe’s Bar Family Sings “Don’t Stop Believin'”

I’m sure some of you are tired of my eulogizing Moe’s Bar and Lounge, and to you I say, “Get over it, son.” As has been said time and time again, Moe’s was more than just a place to drink and the people I met there were more than just “bar friends.”

In fact, the above video—sorry that it’s so dark but we were in a bar, for Chrissakes—shows just how in sync we all are with each other. Courtesy of brother Ron Worthy‘s iPod playlist, Journey‘s classic rock power ballad “Don’t Stop Believin’” plays over the speakers and the entire bar erupts into a massive sing-along. It’s simultaneously hilarious and heart-wrenching, kitschy and sentimental. It is a quintessential Moe’s moment.

Moe's Bar and Lounge: Don't Stop Believin'

If you somehow managed to miss my original post about the Last Call at Moe’s Bar and Lounge, you can read it here.

Brian Grosz also waxed elegiac about Moe’s on his Tumblr, Doctor Grosz, as did the aforementioned Brother Worthy over at Soulhead. Lastly, Roxanna Asgarian wrote a very nice piece on the bar’s closing entitled “Tears for Beers! Moe’s Last Night a Somber Celebration,” in which she spoke with a few of the regulars about their favorite Moe’s memories.

Check ’em all out.

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