Music: Who Runs The World? Beyoncé, That’s Who.

Beyoncé Runs The World

Y’all like that new Beyoncé song. Y’all really do. I don’t know why y’all continue to fight it.

You see, I’ve been trying to figure out for the longest why so many people, women especially, have been voicing a displeasure with her new single “Run The World (Girls).” Most people can’t give a concrete answer as to why they feel the song isn’t all that good. Is it the beat? Well, people say they like the beat. Maybe it’s the lyrics. Well, the lyrics aren’t mind-blowing but they’re okay and delivered in a militaristic cadence that gives the song just the right amount of attitude.

So what the problem is?

I think Brooklyn’s resident Southern belle Demetria Lucas touches on why the song supposedly hasn’t immediately captured the hearts of many, as is normally the case.

[W]hat in the heck was the message? The lyrics are classic Destiny’s Child empowerment-lite in the vein of “Independent”, “Survivor” and “Single Ladies.” Ok. But what do gyrating, garter-wearing women, twerking-off (while sending a shout to college grads, no less) against a male army in the remote desert have to do with women running the world? My takeaway is that if a woman ever wants to be a conquering queen, the power of the P is her best weapon of choice. Um, what?!

Ah, so now y’all are finally tiring of the pro-faux-feminist formula that’s helped Beyoncé, combined with her Destiny’s Child projects, sell over 135 million records worldwide. Ha. Okay.

Beyoncé Runs The World

Look, just admit it—the song is bumpin’. It’s an earworm, a great club record that’s anthemic and catchy. Plus, it bangs in the whip. Hell, I view it as a spiritual successor to her hit “Diva.” (A song which I thoroughly enjoy despite every masculine fiber of my being.)

I’ma tell you something, though. Beyoncé is going to make you love this fuckin’ song once it’s all said and done. You see the video where she’s leading a rhythm nation of empowered women across the desert, an homage to Miss Jackson? The one where she holds domesticated hyenas on chain leashes and, at one point, stands ever so coolly in front of explosions? Everyone’s been praising it. From the choreography (or “hairography,” as Nikki Ogunnaike hilariously called it) to the fashion, it appears that everyone loves something about the video.

And what about Beyoncé’s recent performance of the song at the 2011 Billboard Music Awards? That performance, which is curiously similar to that of Italian pop starlet Lorella Cuccerini‘s appearance at last year’s Festival di Sanremo, has been universally lauded by critics, fans, and industry folks. As well it should be. It’s fuckin’ dope.

Ultimately, Beyoncé is winning. Her upcoming album, 4, will release and be a smash, and will top charts all over the world and will have at least three more songs that the entire world will love.

Whether we want to admit it or not.

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