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Throwback: Pink – “There You Go”

Remember when Pink used to be black? I do. Now, I know some of you will take umbrage with that opening statement so let me first go ahead and say, “Please chill the fuck out.” Obviously, I was being cheeky, but I was also making a point.

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This Week’s Tumblr Crushes (July 25-31)

Tumblr Crushes

Okay, folks, here we go again. My most liked and reblogged Tumblrs for the past week. Hit ‘em up!

Tumblr Crushes:

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Food: Celebrating National Cheesecake Day at Junior’s Most Fabulous Restaurant

Food: Celebrating National Cheesecake Day at Junior's Restaurant

Saturday was National Cheesecake Day. I won’t pretend that I knew that shit before hitting up Junior’s Restaurant; it was all happy coincidence.

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Writing: The Awl Tells Bloggers-Turned-Authors To Check Their Egos

Writing: The Awl Tells Bloggers-Turned-Authors To Check Their Egos

Earlier this week, I came across a hilarious post on The Awl titled Ego Checks You May Encounter As A Blogger-Turned-Book-Writer. Written by Claire Zulkey, the article lists several reality checks for everyone, not just bloggers, who have designs on writing a book.

What makes the post so hilarious, you ask? The fact that damn near all of it is true. My favorite one, especially given how relevant it is to my current situation:

The process of writing, editing, selling, editing and publishing a book is agonizingly slow, perhaps even slower for the blogger who is used to the immediate gratification of seeing work published immediately.
A book can take a full year (sometimes a year and a half) to be published after it’s been sold. This can be hard to explain to your father, who wants to know why it takes so long and you realize you’re not sure you know exactly, even though it’s been explained to you. Incidentally, your father may have offered to publish your book himself if you couldn’t sell it, which is heartbreakingly touching and frustrating at the same time.

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Life: Happy Hour at Olea

Olea Mediterranean Taverna

The other evening, I met up with friends at Olea Mediterranean Taverna for happy hour. For those not in the know, Olea is a Fort Greene gem—the food is spectacular, the vibe is friendly and welcoming, and the attentive staff are genuinely great people. Kudos to owners Chelsea Altman and Dan Demarti.

Oysters at Olea Mediterranean Taverna

Ordered a half-dozen oysters and slurped down two before I thought to take a photo. Served with cocktail sauce, Mignonette sauce, and lemon. Mmmm.

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Throwback: Donald Byrd – “Love Has Come Around”

Happy Saturday!

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Ratchet: How To Make A Bestseller

Ratchet: How To Make A Bestseller

Hey, I laughed. Especially at Dark Angel Architect Renovation. Ha!

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