Photo: Ways To Be Cool

Photo: Ways To Be Cool

You think you’re cool? Then you better check your accomplishments against this list! How cool do you feel now, potna?

Not sure where this list originally came from, or who determined that things like learning to “speak European,” wearing “Ambercroombie and Flitch” and “hang[ing] out with Steve” were the ultimate barometers of cool, but hey, I can’t hate on someone whose goal is self-improvement. More power to ’em.

Stolen from the lovely, talented, beautiful Suzy McCoppin.

2 responses to “Photo: Ways To Be Cool

  1. Learning to speak ‘European’,……. As a ‘European’ to all Americans out there… We European’s have many languages. Hahaha. I love the innocence of the list. But, worrying at the same time.

  2. Ahaha, hopefully, in his quest to learn to speak “European,” whomever created this list will realize there are many beautiful European languages in the world.

    Tks for the comment.

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