New Music: Beejus – In The Mind Of Beejus 2 (Free Download)

In The Mind Of Beejus 2

Download: Beejus – In The Mind of Beejus 2

After dropping the late summer gem “Not A Smoking Song” a few weeks back, Oakland MC Beejus has come through with his latest full-length release, In The Mind of Beejus 2.

The album is a sequel to last year’s dope collection of beats and rhymes, and Beejus’s playful lyricism is once again on full display. It’s notable that, unlike on his last release BeeSmoove, this set is bereft of many guest stars. Frequent collaborator Ashley Di’Amante lends her vocals to a few tracks (including “Let The Beat Breathe,” a rollover from BeeSmoove) and Justin Timberlake is on the smooth-but-crude “Set The Mood.”

Beejus also shies away from the gloomy, keep-it-real aesthetic of many of his peers. ITMOB2 is pop-rap at its unapologetic best, with winning cuts like the hilarious “Keep A Sprite,” the bouncy “Supa Dupa,” and the pimp groove of “All Night.”

In The Mind Of Beejus 2 Tracklist

As I’ve mentioned before, indie hip-hop has been holding me down for the past few years, and it’s because of artists like Beejus. Go ahead and hit the download link above (the album is free, after all), then come back and share your thoughts on ITMOB2 in the comments below. You can also follow Beejus on Twitter at @Beejus.

[Beejus Music]

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