Throwback Photo: Illest MF Alive

Jay Fingers and Hype Williams

Jay Fingers and Hype Williams, on the set of “Big Pimpin’,” 1999.

Cuz I’m movin’ in slow motion, slow motion …

Aww man, if I could go back in time, goddamn it, I would. Ah well.

Okay, quick story time. So after working on a few video shoots, I’d been invited to the set of Jay-Z‘s “Big Pimpin’.” Not only did I get to build with the man himself, but I also met Little X, Pimp C, and a host of Murder Inc. people. This was the day I was introduced to Veuve Clicquot—changed my life, you hear me? (Yeah, they were dancing with Cristal bottles in the video but off camera everyone was drinking Veuve. Why? Because it fucking tastes better, no joke.)

Anyway, my homegirl and I, who were majoring in film at the time, were approached with a proposition: “Fuck school. Roll with us. Work with us. Make some money and moves in this industry.” And like the dumbass that I am, I declined because school was more important.


The Aesop in this tale is quite simple, children. Don’t fuck around—take opportunities when they’re presented to you.

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