Video: Jay-Z and Kanye West – “Otis”

By this point you’ve already seen the video. But as today has been a Throne-worthy day on the blog, I figured I’d post it, too. Directed by Spike Jonze, the video for Jay-Z and Kanye West‘s “Otis” is as fun and arrogant as the song for which it was created. I approve 100% of the Maybach’s mauling so that it could become the now-infamous Throne-mobile (which, according to Minya, will be auctioned off for famine relief).

You know what really stands out to me? Jay just looks like he’s having a lot of motherfucking fun. For once, he dropped his cool and just let loose. Having fun LIKE A BOSS! Look at Kanye whipping the Throne-mobile around LIKE A BOSS! Plus, they got hella cute ethnically ambiguous broads in the back! BOSS! (I know that last statement’s gonna ruffle some feathers—ha!)

And just for the record, Aziz Ansari steals the show.

Otis - Jay-Z - Kanye West - SWAG


You can read my review of Watch The Throne here.

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