Throwback Movie: Porky’s

C’mon. What more can be said about Porky’s that you don’t already know? It’s the original raunchy teen sex comedy. Note the operative word here is “raunchy.” This film upped the ante in terms of comedy, nudity, and sheer tastelessness—and I love it. For all you youngsters who think American Pie was the first to do it, Porky’s was the one that started this gangsta shit.

Directed by Bob Clark, who would release the classic A Christmas Story the following year, Porky’s was really a film without a plot. It was a series of gags centered around the foolhardy shenanigans of a couple of Central Florida teens. Yeah, sure, there was a tacked on conflict with the film’s eponymous villain, but that was just an excuse to give the film some kind of closure of ninety minutes of random hilarity.

So many classic moments: Cherry Forever. Lassie. The shower scene. Aw man … I know that shit had to hurt.


Has anyone seen Mike Hunt?

[Porky’s @ IMDb]

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