Quote: Writing Is A Fairly Lonely Business

Marc Lawrence

“Writing is a fairly lonely business unless you invite people in to watch you do it, which is often distracting.”
Marc Lawrence, Writer/Director

The other day, someone commented that I’ve been fairly quiet on Teh Social Medias as of late. My response: “Uh, hell yeah. I have a job now, which requires me to write all day long, and then I come home to write some more on my own personal projects. I don’t have time to be playin’ around on Teh Facebook or Twitterz with you hooligans. The jackassery must cease.”

Okay, maybe that’s not exactly what was said, but it was along those lines. I’ve been holed up, trying to get some things accomplished. I mean, I love hanging out with friends (and believe me, when we hang, we hang) but the end result is that my productivity goes wayyyyyy down. So, I have to become a hermit at times to get work done. No hanging with others, and certainly no letting others into my domain while I work. Is you crazy?

I often wonder what life will be like if I ever get married. How will I deal with needing to divide my time and space even more to accomodate another person? Sheesh, just thinking about it is causing me to break out in hives.


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