Throwback Movie: Spring Break

Spring Break was a 1983 film from Sean S. Cunningham, the director of the original Friday the 13th. It was not, however, a horror film … well, maybe if you were a parent at the time you thought it was a horror film. But Spring Break was just another in a long line of teenage sex comedies about beer, bikinis, boobs, and buffoonery. As Wiki stateth:

Two nerds, Nelson and Adam book a room at an inexpensive hotel in Ft. Lauderdale for a great time on Spring break, where they meet Stu and O.T. from Brooklyn, New York, also there to have fun. The hotel has overbooked the room so Nelson, Adam, Stu and O.T. agree to share the room due to the shortage of hotel rooms. The Wet T-shirt contests, beer drinking and other illicit activities associated with Spring Break are all on display here. Nelson’s step-dad shows up and causes trouble for the group; he is paired with a building inspector who threatens to shut down the hotel (and the fun).

Spring Break

I’m not sure, but I think Spring Break may have been the first movie to use Fort Lauderdale as its locale. But lemme tell y’all something, by the time I was in school, Fort Lauderdale was no longer the destination for vacationing college students. It was Daytona Beach all the way, baby. Ahhh, mammaries memories.

Of note, the film’s soundtrack featured Cheap Trick and Jack Mack and the Heart Attack. I know, right? Ha!

[Spring Break @ IMDb]

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