Music: Wolf at the Door – American Castles Kickstarter Campaign

Wolf at the Door

Tennessee rocker Gene Priest just dropped his Breathe In, Breathe Out EP for free at Lapdance Academy, but already he’s thinking of the next project.

His Knoxville-based outfit Wolf at the Door is working on a new set of tunes, for their upcoming album American Castles, and their goal is to press physical copies for their fans. A few days ago, the band launched their Kickstarter campaign to help raise the funds necessary to make this goal a reality. As of this writing, they’ve raised just over a third of their goal of $1750.

“In donating to help us out we are offering not only a guaranteed copy of the album, but many other really cool items from the band,” Gene states on the Kickstarter page. “Please help be a part of our very first EPIC release, which in turn will also make you epic.”

Donations can start at a dollar, and rewards range from the promised physical copy of American Castles to original poster art to instruments used by the band. If you donate enough money, the band will record and include a custom-tailored song for and about you, and they will even hold a performance in your town.

C’mon, you know you can sacrifice your daily Starbucks fix for a week or so and give that money to these guys instead. Soy lattes last about a half hour. Good music rocks on forever.

The campaign ends November 1st. For more info, hit up the American Castles Kickstarter page.

[Wolf at the Door – American Castles Release @ Kickstarter]

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