Writing: My First Billboard Byline

Jay Fingers Writes For Billboard

This is a small thing. A minor event. And still, it’s a major triumph for the kid.

Last Thursday, I attended Christina Milian’s 30th birthday party at Kiss in Fly. But I wasn’t there to party, get drunk, and shake my ass — no, no, I was there to work. I covered the event for Billboard‘s Backbeat section and, three days after turning in my piece, it finally appeared on their website.

The article is very short, maybe only 250 words, but they’re my words (for the most part) and they’re on Billboard.biz. Where’s the #AwwYeeeaaa meme when you need it?

Awwwwwwwwww Yeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaa

I’m gunning for feature stories and magazine covers next, manne. Read the entire article at Billboard.biz.

[Backbeat: Christina Milian Celebrates Her 30th Birthday At Kiss & Fly In NYC]

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