Mago x E.R. – “Best of Both Worlds” Music Video

This actually dropped a couple of weeks ago but I wasn’t blogging at the time so I missed the opportunity to let y’all know about the latest collaboration between my buddy E.R. (of The Vagabonds) and Dominican MC Mago.

“Best of Both Worlds” showcases the rhyme skills of the two Miami-based lyricists, the concept being that Mago (who also produced the track) spits in Spanish while E.R. raps in English. The song has no hook—it’s just the two MCs going back and forth, tag team-style. “Although Latinos have been well represented in hip-hop in the past,” E.R. writes on the VMG blog, “it’s rare to see both sides of the spectrum being showcased alongside each other.”

Mago x E.R. - Best of Both Worlds

Mago x E.R. - Best of Both Worlds

The track is slated to appear on Mago’s upcoming Make Me Famous. Meanwhile, E.R. and his partner Baysiqly are putting the finishing touches on the highly anticipated #FML, which will be dropping in December.

What are your thoughts on “Best of Both Worlds”? LMK in the comments below.


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