Happy Vodka and Turkey Bacon, It’s Thanksgiving!

A little bit of vodka in my life ...

Earlier today, as I ventured into the kitchen to whip up a small holiday breakfast of eggs, grits, and bacon, I discovered I had a small bit of vodka on hand. It was just enough to make a morning cocktail and get my day started right.

Today, as you should know, is Thanksgiving. It’s when we’re supposed to show gratitude for all the blessings we’ve received, and for all the people in our lives. Some, however, are not content to let the day be. They’d rather beat their chest and proclaim the day as evil, and criticize the rest of us who choose to celebrate it. To all of those armchair historians, I’d like to quote my homeboy Varyus Waise, who posted this earlier on Facebook:

To all the “revolutionaries” saying “Happy Colonizer’s Day”, “I don’t celebrate a day of genocide”, etc… Dead it. You act like a [social media] status is going to bring back all who were murdered and bring the pilgrims who did the killing to justice. Be thankful you’re alive to even think such a thing and thankful for the family who want to spend the day with you. Peace.


And with that, I shall leave you with a photo of a pre-cooked, bacon-wrapped turkey … or is it just a turkey-shaped shell made of bacon and filled with stuffing?

Turkey Bacon ... GET IT?

Turkey Bacon ... GET IT?

Ah, the wonders of Thanksgiving.

2 responses to “Happy Vodka and Turkey Bacon, It’s Thanksgiving!

  1. Give me bacon or give me death. God bless America.

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