The Vagabonds – “Invisible” Music Video (From The Forthcoming EP #FML)

Late last night, The Vagabonds dropped “Invisible,” the first video from their upcoming EP entitled #FML. The song, produced by E.R., is a Baysiqly solo track, detailing the struggles of those who are ignored and overlooked. With everything going on in the world these days, especially with regard to the Occupy movement, this song is particularly timely and relevant. From VMG:

“Invisible” mashes up E.R.’s bouncy, psychedelic board work with cinematics from Mr. Visual, showing a first-person view of an individual being ignored by everyone who passes him by. That, along with flashes of current world events, is a deadly mixture that can drive anybody to insanity and irrational choices, as depicted by the ending of this video.

The Vagabonds - #FML

“Invisible” is just the first of many videos scheduled for release to support #FML, which drops this month. Visit for more info on upcoming projects, videos, and shows.


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