Raiders of the Lost ARC #GLIST

Guestlist by Jay Fingers

The first batch of #GLIST ARCs arrived today.

My friend Denitra asked a while back, “What’s an ARC?” I explained that they are Advance Reader Copies, editions of the novel that go out to people so that they’ll say nice things we can use in the marketing of the book. You know, for blurbs and such.

So, naturally, Denitra asked if she could have an ARC. It pained me to tell her NO, because ARCs are for so-called boldfaced names, people who have some kind of cachet and clout in the world of entertainment and media. People who are on the television or the radio and have a significant amount of Twitter followers and ting. Yes. I said “ting.” Remember, I lived in South Florida for twelve years.

Oh, and for those of you still in the dark, #GLIST is the hashtag I’m using for Guestlist, my debut novel, which releases in February 2012.

Guestlist by Jay Fingers

Anyway … I pained me to turn Denitra down for an ARC because she read an early copy of #GLIST and gave some really good feedback which helped shape the final version. The version all of you will read when you buy it.

You will buy a copy of #GLIST when it drops, won’t you Dear Readers?

In any case, the first batch of ARCs arrived today and I almost broke down in tears of joy. My baby was finally in my hands. Something I’d worked so hard to create for so long. And I get it, ladies, y’all go through nine months to give birth to a child. But this joint took a couple years, plus a whole heap of emotional stress and labor pains you wouldn’t believe. I hope that doesn’t piss any of y’all off, but the truth is, I gave birth to something I love unconditionally. And no epidural was offered.

But I digress. The ARCs arrived! Finally! After a snafu with the shipping company caused them to be delivered to an undesirable location. I called my printer for a resolution but things worked out on their own.

The ARCs arrived!

So that’s where we are right now. I’m going to start sending these out, and hopefully all of those who agreed to read Guestlist over the next few weeks will actually do so. And actually like it. And actually say nice things.

But I’ll begin sending them out later, after I’ve shaken off the alcoholic shroud I’m currently nestled in. After all, I did have a few celebratory cocktails this evening.

What? You didn’t think I would?

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