I’m On A Bus! #GLIST

Jay Fingers is editing GUESTLIST on a Greyhound bus!

Because I waited until the last minute to make any sort of holiday travel plans, I am currently on a Greyhound bus destined for Tennessee. This promises to be a torturous journey—29 hours sitting upright on a cramped bus with unhappy travelers and surly drivers. This morning’s experience with Greyhound was so maddening, I was in search of a cocktail before 9:30am.

Things worked out, however, and I’m on the first half of my trip, en route to Richmond, Virginia. Sounds blasty, no? Thankfully, I have a copy of GUESTLIST to keep me occupied like Zuccotti. Still making minor changes to the text, but it’s all so that the novel is perfect by the time you purchase your copy in February 2012.

You are going to buy a copy of GUESTLIST when it drops, right, Dear Readers?

For those of you still out of the loop, GUESTLIST is my debut novel. I’ve worked very hard on it thus far and I’m super proud of it.

Alright, enough fooling around on these Internets. (Greyhound has wi-fi AND outlets now—how crazy is that?) Let me get some work done. I will holler again before the holidays. Cheers!

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