Totally Overhyped 2012 New Year’s Eve Party

Totally Overhyped 2012 New Year's Eve Party!!!!1!!1!

I saw this posted on Teh Facebook this morning and shared it with my friends over there, but it’s too hilarious not to post here as well. The above mock flyer is for your archetypal New Year’s Eve party, and, hoo boy, is it ever on point.

From the promoters name (“Rohypnol Productions”) to the ticket price (“six months’ rent and your dignity”), everything about this flyer is sadly accurate. Thankfully, I’ll be spending this New Year’s with friends at a private gathering. No super-douchy dance club for me this year.

The New Year’s party scene, with its riotous antics, spirited dancing, wanton spending, and voluminous vomiting, is one with which I am very familiar. Remember, I worked in nightlife for years. Those experiences were what led to my penning my debut novel GUESTLIST, which will be available in February 2012. (You had to have known I was gonna tie #GLIST into this somehow.) While it is a world I certainly miss, I also recognize it’s a world I had to leave behind. I’m a grown ass man now.

If, however, you are in New York City and you’re still unsure where to bring in the New Year, I suggest checking out GoldBar. The party’s hosted by The Legendary Damon and my homegirl Mika aka DJ Flyy Mommy is spinning. Tickets are $25 before 11pm and $40 after. (If you’re looking at this on Tumblr, you won’t be able to see the GoldBar flyer. Just click the “original article” link at the bottom.)

Whatever you decide to do this year, Dear Readers, please just be safe and have fun. Have a great and wondrous New Year! See you in 2012.

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