L.R. Giles The Darkness Kept FREE #Kindle Download

L.R. Giles - The Darkness Kept #FREE Kindle Download

Looking for a new book to read, like a thriller that’ll keep you on the edge of your seat? Then check out The Darkness Kept, a contemporary fantasy thriller written by L.R. Giles. During this weekend, and this weekend only, you can download The Darkness Kept for your Kindle ABSOLUTELY FREE.

Yes, you read right. Absolutely free. The novel’s synopsis, from Amazon:

When three Cablon Corporation executives, collectively known as “The Wizards of Finance,” are kidnapped and murdered, all Hell breaks loose. For the “Wizards” are not just the recipients of a clever nickname. They are Mages from a long tradition of Dark Magic, masquerading as wealthy businessmen in a world where money and science have usurped faith and sorcery. They have many enemies, but none foolish enough to challenge their seat of power. Until now.

Kendrick Dampier is the one Mage in the world brave enough to stand against Cablon, but his past is darker than even he knows, and he has enemies of his own. Two scarred avengers intend to see him face justice for atrocities committed long ago and a European gang that has lost millions to his crusade want compensation in blood. But, they have to get in line. The surviving heads of Cablon now have Kendrick on their radar and they won’t let anyone rob them of their chance at vengeance. They all track Kendrick to Portside, a city as peaceful as any place blind to the truth. Beneath the daily bustle and the nightly debauchery there are forces at work beyond comprehension. When they collide it may not result in the death of just one man, it could mean the destruction of an entire city.

Sounds exciting, no? If you want your FREE copy of The Darkness Kept, you better hurry—the deal ends tomorrow, Sunday, January 8, at 11:59pm PDT.

[The Darkness Kept @ Amazon]

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