Harlan Ellison: “Pay the Writer!” (Video)

Since I did not vlog this week, I’m putting up a video that was shared by my beautiful friend Ruby. In this clip, from the 2007 documentary Dreams With Sharp Teeth, writer Harlan Ellison (who’s penned more classics than a person could ever hope to read in one lifetime) rants about an incident with the producers of Babylon Five in which they expected him to participate in the filming of a DVD extra for free.

“They always want the writer to work for nothing,” Ellison says. “And problem is, there’s so many goddamn writers who have no idea that they’re supposed to be paid every time they do something, they do it for nothing!”

Harlan Ellison

It’s vintage Ellison, hilarious, biting, and absolutely fucking on point.

You agree with Ellison, right? Or do you have a differing point of view? Don’t be shy—let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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