Kim Osorio Returns to The Source

Kim Osorio and Jay Fingers

One of my favorite writers (and people in general) has returned to her roots.

At a press conference yesterday at NYC’s Muse Hotel, it was announced that Kim Osorio will be the new Editor-in-Chief of The Source magazine. Those of you up on your history know that Kim filed, and won, a sexual discrimination lawsuit against the magazine in 2005. The rather onerous conditions she worked under were documented in her 2008 book Straight From The Source: An Expose From The Former Editor-in-Chief of the Hip-Hop Bible.

But now she’s back, and there’s little doubt she’s going to return the rap rag to its former glory. According to Hip-Hop Wired, Kim says being back at The Source “feels very exciting, rewarding but it’s a very personal thing for me to come back […] because it has always been a part of me and my career. So it feels good.”

Congrats once again to Kim! By the way, I’m still waiting on her to autograph my copy of Straight From The Source. Ha!

[Hip-Hop Wired]

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