As a writer, I’m often worried about how my work will be received, and that has never been more the case than with my novel GUESTLIST. Of course, in my mind, Guestlist is a fucking masterpiece, on par with the greatest literary works known to man. (You can make an informed opinion by going to Amazon and purchasing your copy now.)

So it’s always great when people let you know how much they enjoy your work. It’s simultaneously humbling and confirmatory. It’s a great feeling, let me tell you.

Above is a text message I received earlier today from a satisfied reader. I love that he asked to be cast as Swann should Guestlist be made into a film. Below is another text I received over the weekend from someone lamenting over the fact she’s enjoying the novel rather than getting some work done.


These are the best kinds of endorsements. Of course, if you’ve read Guestlist and want to shower the novel (and its author) with tons of amazing, effusive praise, please feel free to leave reviews at both Amazon and Goodreads. Tks!

[Guestlist @ Amazon]

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