Jay Fingers Discusses GUESTLIST on Hip-Hop is For Lovers Radio

Jay Fingers Featured on Hip-Hop is For Lovers Radio #HH4L #GLIST

On last evening, I was fortunate enough to have been the special guest on internet radio show Hip-Hop is For Lovers, hosted by two lovely, intelligent hosts, Uche and Lenee. The aim of HH4L is to create a dialog about sexuality, intimacy, and relationships in hip-hop culture.

Last night, the topic was slut shaming, defined as “the deliberate act of calling a woman a slut, a whore or impugning her character in sexual terms in order to embarrass, humiliate, intimidate, degrade or shame her for actions or behaviors that are a normal part of female sexuality.” I chimed in here and there, but it was certainly interesting to hear the dialogue that was being had between the two hosts and their legion of followers, who responded mostly via Twitter and email.

Uche and Lenee invited me to speak about GUESTLIST, and afterward held a book giveaway. (Congrats to the winner, @SnakesOnABoat!). All in all, it was a great time and I am super grateful to the ladies of Hip-Hop is For Lovers for having me on the show. You can check out the show in its entirety here.

Hip-Hop is For Lovers

Also be sure to sign up for Spreaker, where you can follow HH4L and listen to past episodes. They even have mobile apps for those (such as myself) constantly on the go.

Finally, I heard a new song last night and I’m gonna post the video here. It’s called “Yankin’” by Lady. Enjoy!

[Hip-Hop is For Lovers]

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