GUESTLIST by Jay Fingers Reviewed at Literary R&R!


Awww yeeeaaahhh, we done done it again! My novel GUESTLIST was reviewed by the good folks over at Literary R&R. The reviewer, Charlene, had this to say:

Never shying away from sex and profanity, Mr. Fingers paints a realistic picture of the lives of his characters. We see clearly the ulterior motives behind each characters behavior, and never more so than in the last few chapters as things speed up and fall into place. The intensity of the drama plays out and catches you by surprise, as you realize things aren’t always what they seem in the glamorous life.

She also said that she was “initially was discouraged by the language used, but as the story went on, found [herself] turning pages with a new intensity.” I’ma take that as a sign that I’ve told a good story.

Thanks to Charlene and the entire LR&R team! Head on over to Literary R&R to read the entire review!

[Literary R&R]

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