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Stop Trying to Impress These Hoes Before Someone Gets Hurt

Look at what the fuck you did!

To quote gangster rap artist Gangsta Pat:

These suckers puttin’ on a show try’na impress these bitches.

Stop it. Stop it. Because your life is a tragedy, and the truth is, she will not sleep with you no matter how many bowling balls you juggle. So, please, stop it before you embarrass yourself or, even worse, hurt somebody. Continue reading

Hancock: I Am Asshole

One of the major curiosities of this summer’s movie slate has been is-he-or-isn’t-he-a-Scientologist Will Smith‘s latest vehicle Hancock. While it seems precious little of Vincent Ngo’s brilliant original script has been retained, the movie still promises to deliver on its concept of a dysfunctional, depressed superhero. And middle finger to the haters, I found the trailers to be quite hilarious. Continue reading