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The Week in Cool 10.26.08

Yeah, I need to blog more. Trust, that will happen soon. But in the meantime, what did I deem worthy to post about this week?

Thanks to everyone who keeps coming by to check me out. And I’m surprised that “Harley Quinn” has suddenly become a major source of interest. Did I miss something? Help me out, people! Don’t forget, I’m also on the Twitter now! Tee hee!

ScriptGirl Report 10.24.08

Okay, please reference this post to understand why I’m just now posting this. I need to lay off the alcohol for a minute, don’t you agree?? And even worse, I’ve not done too much writing lately. My writing schedule has totally been thrown off, and while I should be on the second draft of my current script, I’m only halfway through the first draft. Shame. Shame on me.

Anyhoo, please check ScriptGirl‘s latest report, with the latest in script sales. This is, quite honestly, the best way to get this info. 🙂 Video after the jump.

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The Week in Cool 10-19-08

Okay, so yeah, not that many posts. My bad, dudes and dudettes. But some fairly amusing stuff did go down this week, no?

Oh, by the way, kiddies, I am on the Twitter. Follow me like Uncle Kracker.

ScriptGirl Report 10-17-08

So I’m currently posting from my new office, Outpost Lounge, which has an excellent cafe mocha. The internet at my house has wonked out too much for my tastes and I’m fucking fed up. So I’ll most likely be posting from here or my other office, Connecticut Muffin. That’s right, I’m getting my Perez Hilton on.

However, because of my current locale — what with its steady traffic of Pratt students and Sly and the Family Stone blaring on the PA system — I haven’t had a chance to peep ScriptGirl‘s latest report. I know, I know. Shame is upon me. But I have faith that SG does her usual wonderful job of updating us on the latest scenarios Hollywood has opted to buy. So, Karen and Gus, hit the jump for the new video.

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ScriptGirl Report 10-10-08

I haven’t been drinking today, but I wish I had after ScriptGirl‘s latest report. It has nothing to do with SG herself — quite the contrary, she is a wonderful woman and her weekly dissemination of Hollywood’s script sales and news mixed with ZAZ-style humor is definitely one of the brighter rays of sunshine in my life.

But what depresses me so much are the actual screenplays and ideas that SG is reporting on. We are in Remake Hell. The Crazies? Friggin’ Angel Heart? Jeez louise. And if it ain’t a remake, it’s an adaptation of the graphic novel du jour or a hip “retelling” of some classic story. To quote T.S. Johnson, “Sigh, grumble, grumble.” Even Lil Wayne has wondered of late, “Where is your originality?

Ah well. This week’s video is for my best friends in Miami, Karen and Gus. I told SG that you love her videos, haha. The latest after the jump.

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ScriptGirl Report 10-3-08

Internet’s been on the wonk too much lately, hence the late SG report. Plus, my brain’s been turned to tapioca thanks to all the work I’ve been doing the past week … well, all the work plus all the partying and drinking. I took yesterday off to rehydrate. No telling what today holds. But enough rambling, hit the jump for SG’s latest.

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