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Watch the Book Trailer for Struck by Jennifer Bosworth (Video)

One of my most eagerly anticipated books of 2012 is Struck by author Jennifer Bosworth. The YA novel tells the story of Mia Price, a “lightning addict” who’s been struck by the weather-related electric discharges so many times, she’s covered in veiny red “lightning scars.” However, when a massive earthquake decimates her hometown of Los Angeles, Mia finds herself in a post-apocalyptic wasteland and torn between two factions, both of which want her to harness her powers for their own ends.

But doing so could mean bringing about the destruction of the entire planet.

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Event: Touré – Who’s Afraid of Post-Blackness? Book Launch Party (Sept. 13)

Who's Afraid of Post-Blackness? by Touré

Whether you love him or hate him, one thing is surely true—Touré has a new book coming out, and you do not. The author/journalist has written Who’s Afraid of Post-Blackness?: What It Means To Be Black Now, which is about, well, exactly what it says on the tin. Touré attempts to explore what it means to be black in America in the age of Obama.

Examining the concept of “Post-Blackness,” a term that defines artists who are proud to be Black but don’t want to be limited by identity politics, Touré divulges intimate, funny, and painful stories of how racial expectations have shaped his own life, and explores how the concept of Post-Blackness functions in politics, art, culture, and more. The book also includes insights from a wide spectrum of contemporary luminaries, from Cornel West to Malcolm Gladwell to Kara Walker to David Paterson to Chuck D.

On Tuesday, September 13, Greenlight Bookstore hosts the launch of the book with a party featuring refreshments and music from DJ FRiTZO, along with a chance to meet and talk with Touré.

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Publishing: NaNoWriMo Novel by Erin Morgenstern Earns 6-Figure Deal After 30 Rejections

The Night Circus

Now here’s a tale of success that warms my cold, wretched heart. Next month, author Erin Morgenstern will publish The Night Circus, her debut novel which actually began life as a National Novel Writing Month manuscript. Circus received 30 rejections from literary agents before Morgenstern garnered a “high six-figure advance” from Random House. From The Wall Street Journal:

Very little from [Morgenstern’s] early draft survived, but she had an idea that excited her. She worked in bursts over the next several years, writing a sprawling, plotless series of vignettes featuring magicians, acrobats, and a pair of psychic twins. Thirty literary agents rejected her.

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30-Day Book Challenge: Most Underrated Book

I Don't Want To Think About It Right Now by Livingroom Johnston

There’s a reason I chose I Don’t Want To Think About It Right Now by Livingroom Johnston as Most Underrated Book. The author is a close personal friend of mine, and he is undeniably talented. Not only is he a brilliant weaver of words, the man is a spectacular artist. His Dali-esque paintings have the power to pull you into a world both surreal and expressionistic.

We’re not here to discuss Johnston’s paintings, but I bring them up because I want you to understand how ridiculously gifted this young man is. He’s one of the very few Black writers who’ve actually taken the time to sit and speak with me and offer some type of guidance and support in my own career. (That’s a topic for later discussion.) Yet for some reason, I don’t think that many people know or recognize his literary talent.

When I was first introduced to Johnston, we talked about I Don’t Want To Think About It Right Now as well as five previous books he’d written and created—by hand. Yes, that’s right. This industrious brother wrote five books—reprinting and binding copies by himself, by hand, at Kinko’s—and sold them out of his briefcase. When approached with a publishing deal, he wrote I Don’t Want To Think … in just three days. Continue reading

Writing: 10 Ways to Become a Better Writer by Haniel Dela Cruz


Haniel Dela Cruz is a self-proclaimed bookaholic. In other words, he loves books. Duh. His blog, Confessions of a Bookaholic, celebrates the written word with reviews, quotes and pictures, and even includes a pledge to “read the printed word.” (“Printed” being the objective word; it’s implied that, like me, Haniel would much rather read a printed copy of The Hunger Games as opposed to a digital version on an eReader.)

In an effort to ensure literary greatness prevails no matter the format in which it’s read, Haniel created a list of tips he feels may help one improve upon their craft. He says:

I’ve been searching the Internet for ideas and tips on how to become a better writer. I’ve compiled ten (from different websites) and I thought they might be of help for some other writers out there.

You may read his tips below.

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News: Fleeting Pages Pop-Up Bookstore To Open in Shuttered Pittsburgh Borders

News: Fleeting Pages Pop-Up Bookstore To Open in Shuttered Pittsburgh Borders

Okay, now this is cool.

Beginning April 30th, a shuttered Pittsburgh area Borders bookstore will become a Fleeting Pages pop-up book emporium. According to the official Fleeting Pages blog:

Fleeting Pages consists of taking over (taking back??) one of the spaces, left empty by a failed big box bookstore in Pittsburgh, for one month, starting April 30th, and filling it with independent & self-published work of all kinds, book arts, workshops, events […] All revolving around various forms of written self-expression.

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The Week in Cool 11-2-08

Though I promised more, I still gave less this week. For that, I apologize. It’s been insane, just like the Huck Gee Dunny (see right). So much has been happening for me recently, I’ve been neglecting y’all. But the stuff I did post about:

Halloween was fucked for me, so there are no pics, even though I did wear my costume all day. Ah well. Feeling good since I’ve started my NaNoWriMo project and I’m still working on the latest script, which I’ve been procrastinating on. Shout out to the W!ldbrain crew, oh, and make sure you get your asses out and vote, motherfuckers! Holler!

Oh yeah, Twitter is cool!