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Walking Home From Cookers (Video)

Recorded last night as I walked home, a bit tipsy, from Night of the Cookers. I’m not really saying anything, but hey, I promised you more videos. Here ya go.

Oh, the song playing in the background is “She” by Tyler, the Creator featuring Frank Ocean. GOLF WANG!

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Awww yeeeaaaahhh! The long awaited GUESTLIST Official Mixtape is finally here! From the official press release:

Be Cool Entertainment Holdings, in association with AEIOU Records and Vagabonds Music Group, is proud to present the highly anticipated GUESTLIST Official Mixtape, available for free download at www.becoolent.com. The collection is meant to serve as an audio companion for the upcoming novel GUESTLIST from author Jay Fingers.

Miami’s DJ Sage mixed the entire project, which features songs curated by Jay Fingers. The mixtape offers an eclectic collection of party-rocking songs across a variety of genres, including hip-hop, rock, and pop. Featured artists include The Vagabonds, Brian Grosz, W-I-Z, Mala Reignz, Beejus, Alex Walker, The MC Faceman, Lil Heat, G. Brown, and more.

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Event: How I Learned To Fight Loneliness (August 24)

How I Learned To Fight Loneliness

This Wednesday, I’ll be at former LES massage parlor Happy Ending for the free condoms to attend How I Learned To Fight Loneliness. Created and hosted by writer/artist Blaise Allysen Kearsley, How I Learned … is a monthly storytelling series that features tales from writers, comedians, storytellers, bloggers and other performers, and chosen, according to Kearsley, based primarily on their personal hygiene and make-out prowess.

Ahem, um, I’ll go ahead and trust her judgment.

Wednesday’s showcase features comedienne Ophira Eisenberg (The Moth), writer Connor Gaudet (Mr. Beller’s Neighborhood), writer/comedian Catie Lazarus (Employee of The Month), writer/blogger D.E. Rasso (Love is a Four-Letter Word), and—oh, looka here!Lapdance Academy‘s very own Brian Grosz.

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Photo: GPOYs of the Day

Jay Fingers, Edouard Beauvais, and DJ Les Boogie

Nothing to see here, just a couple of recent shots of me, having fun with the Family at Olea Mediterranean Taverna in Fort Greene.

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New Music: Brian Grosz and the Bad Idea – “Lost Angeles”

Lost Angeles - Brian Grosz and the Bad Idea

Download: Brian Grosz and The Bad Idea — “Lost Angeles” b/w “One More Last Time”

I’ve been feeling like shit the past few days. New York City is a cruel mistress—no, fuck that. At least a mistress gives you some lovin’ every once in a while. In my case, New York is Myra Breckinridge, and I’m Rusty. (By the way, +20 points if you actually get that reference.)

Anyway, I’d been feeling a few pangs of weakness and doubt, and I’d started giving thought to once again packing my shit up and moving somewhere. Anywhere. Well, maybe not anywhere. I’ve always said that if I move again, I’m definitely heading out west. Ah, yes, California. Plenty of people have told me I would enjoy Cali, specifically Los Angeles. The weather is agreeable and, while not rivaling NYC’s in any way, it has a rich cultural, artistic, and literary milieu. Well, ho ho ho. Sign me up.

Then Brian Grosz and The Bad Idea dropped a new single on Tuesday called “Lost Angeles,” complete with cover artwork that prominently features what is unmistakably a California palm frond. And then I listen to the song. Oh Jeebus H. Kwanzaa, man …

“Lost Angeles” and its b-side companion “One More Last Time” are a couple of alt-country tunes that are, as Brian puts it, “perfectly crafted for shit-kicking and crying in your beer.” Makes me wanna trek on down to Hank’s Saloon for a cold one right now. Continue reading

Video: Moe’s Bar Family Sings “Don’t Stop Believin'”

I’m sure some of you are tired of my eulogizing Moe’s Bar and Lounge, and to you I say, “Get over it, son.” As has been said time and time again, Moe’s was more than just a place to drink and the people I met there were more than just “bar friends.”

In fact, the above video—sorry that it’s so dark but we were in a bar, for Chrissakes—shows just how in sync we all are with each other. Courtesy of brother Ron Worthy‘s iPod playlist, Journey‘s classic rock power ballad “Don’t Stop Believin’” plays over the speakers and the entire bar erupts into a massive sing-along. It’s simultaneously hilarious and heart-wrenching, kitschy and sentimental. It is a quintessential Moe’s moment.

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Photo: Brooklyn We Go Hard For Japan Photoshoot in Fort Greene Park

Photo: Brooklyn We Go Hard For Japan

Last Sunday afternoon, I met with a group of friends and neighbors in Fort Greene Park for Brooklyn We Go Hard For Japan, a photoshoot to show support for those affected by the recent disasters in Japan.

Roughly 30-40 Brooklynites came out for the shoot, which was a fun, lively affair. Photographers Colin “Soul Boy” Williams, Maxime Giordani and Megga Waters kept the crowd entertained with jokes in-between shots. And while some people complained about it being too cold, I though the weather was great.

The photo above was taken by Megga Waters. See more photos from the event below.

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